Julian Grijalba / Biography

Julian Grijalba

Julian Grijalba (Popayán, Colombia, September 18, 1994) is a Colombian DJ/producer, architect, teacher and scientist. His work has been dedicated to creating and mixing electronic dance music and researching urban soundscapes in Latin America and Southern Europe.

Artistic career

Julián Grijalba got involved in the world of DJs thanks to the influence of his uncle Víctor Grijalba; a DJ with extensive experience and artistic experience in the city of Popayán (Colombia). At the age of 10, Julián began his practices at his uncle's mixing desk and in this way, over time, he perfected his particular style of mixing and musical production. Following this, in 2009, his uncle dies in a car accident and Julián is driven to undertake his own artistic activity as a DJ and continue the transferred family legacy.

In recent years, Julián Grijalba has developed different strategies in search of contributing to the electronic culture of Popayán, among which The Spirit of House stands out, which was a series of House music events held between 2010 and 2017, and which They had the purpose of paying tribute to the life and work of DJ Víctor Grijalba. These events brought together several lovers of House  and various outstanding DJs from the Payanese electronic scene: Hernán Beat, Fausto Pabón, Fabián Valencia, Pablo Pardo, Duber Pérez, Marvin Córdoba, Julián Vioz, Paul Tobar, Henry Galvis, among others.

For his part, Julián Grijalba has been part of the DJ staff of La Mega 100.1 FM, station of RCN Radio Colombia , and has also been a resident DJ of Corona Club, one of the most prestigious dance floors that the city of Popayán has ever had. . The emblematic place contributed to the development of his artistic career, due to its connection to important electronic music events and the relationship with national and international DJs such as Mauro Picotto, Kriss Salas, Mariano Santos, Julius Beat, David Noreña, Juan Pablo Torrez and Leoesco.

Currently, he belongs to the group of DJs, Electronic Friends, a group founded by DJ Andrés Pardo, whose objective is to support and promote the DJ scene in southwestern Colombia, with particular emphasis on music.  House and Techno . Grijalba's musical proposal is based on sound experimentation through the study of the urban soundscape and hopes to be released soon on record labels on a global scale.

Scientific career

Julián Grijalba studied architecture at the Colegio Mayor del Cauca University Institution (IUCMC), where he graduated with honors in 2017. Later, he joined the  Center for Urban Studies  (CEU) of said university, in order to establish a line of scientific research in urban soundscape, which he has led and promoted to date.

Grijalba has participated in various scientific and state projects in his country of origin (Colombia), among which the following stand out: “Research and development of sustainable urban planning in Cauca; Popayán case study”, executed between 2015 and 2017 by the IUCMC; and the " Strategy for the renovation of the public space of the city of Popayán: Life in the Park ", developed in 2018 by the Municipal Mayor's Office of Popayán. He has also been a technical-scientific consultant for the Fundación Centro Histórico de Cartagena and the Metropolitan Police of Cartagena de Indias , in matters related to the management and control of urban noise. In turn, he has been the author of publications in prestigious Latin American academic journals, related to the influence of the soundscape on the quality of the urban environment.

In 2020, he published his research result book: Ciudad sónica , in which he proposes soundscape planning and design guidelines to improve the environmental quality of the city. In the same year, he received the scholarship from the International Academic Forum  to present the conference " The Effects of Market Places on the Spatial Variability of the Urban Soundscape: A Case Study in the Department of Cauca (Colombia) ", at the 8th European Conference on Arts & Humanities (2020).

Thus, Grijalba's scientific activity has led him to collaborate and investigate with important architects, geographers and artists from within and outside of Colombia, such as Francisco Zúñiga, Gabriel Leal del Castillo, Valerià Paül, Steve Layton and Ivana Blanco Gross. Today, he is a professor and associate researcher at the CEU of the IUCMC and a student of the Master in Territorial Planning and Management at the University of Santiago de Compostela .