Fin De Semana Mix Radio - Víctor Grijalba
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Fin De Semana Mix Radio - Víctor Grijalba



The Fin De Semana Mix (FDSM) was the first radio program dedicated exclusively to electronic music in Popayán (Colombia). It was broadcast until the early 2000s from the studios of the National Police Radio 94.1 FM and was under the direction of DJ Víctor Grijalba.





DJ Víctor Grijalba was characterized by his feeling; from the most select of house, through rhythms like tribal, and getting to experience very progressive and avant-garde sounds. His artistic experience led him to play with national and international DJs such as Alexa, Andrés Power, Gabriel Odin, Mystick, Giovanny Matheuxx, Geral, Villa, Toshiro, Peter Poogeveen, Alexandra Gonzalez, Houbeat, Montes, Abel, among others.


He played at events such as The Party Mission, Café Norte, After Dark Session, Circus Party, After ICFES Pasto, Rumbas Naranjas and DJ Selection Heineken Colombia.


He was also a producer of remixes for the highly recognized radio station in Popayan (Colombia): Radio Policia Nacional 94.1 FM and founded one of the first DJ academies in that city: Mix Live.